google glass

making virtual a reality

 Virtual reality devices have been promised for many years, but until recently those VR devices were expensive and cumbersome. Now there's a flood of portable head mounted devices on the market that aim to bring virtual reality to the masses. The Feed's Marc Fennell looks at the portable devices that are changing virtual reality.

the feed: hands on with google glass

First there were smart watches, then came the fitness wristbands, sleep analysers, and high-tech clothing. Despite all the recent attention on wearable technology nothing has captured the imagination of geeks and futurists worldwide like Google Glass. Google Glass is not available for purchase in Australia, and just a select group of people around the world have had the opportunity to test the product. But in an Australian TV first Marc Fennell goes hands on with Google Glass to see if the technology stands up to the hype. The Feed airs weeknights at 19:30 on SBS 2.