Did you know that North Korea made their own version of Godzilla that was executive produced by Kim Jong Il himself?

Have you ever heard of Indonesia’s demonic Lady Terminator?

And did you realise that there’s a German man who’s built an entire career pretending to be the voice of Robert De Niro?

Planet According to the Movies is a grand tour of the world via the movies. From the comfort of your own sofa you can get up close and personal with Bollywood's facial hair fixation, learn the art of Scottish artisanal swearing, discover how Germany invented the modern horror movie, and share the US’s affection for heavily armed religious nuts.

It's your official armchair guide to our tiny, weird planet as projected on cinema screens. Throughout the book Marc explores what cinema says about certain countries, showcases bizarre and brilliant gems from around the world and uncovers amazing behind the scenes stories featuring insights from the likes of Ang Lee, Will Smith and more.  

It’s 30% travel guide

30% film reviews

10% racial profiling handbook

45% testament to the fact that maths is hard.