Was Australia cheated out of a world record? 

That is the starting point for IT BURNS, a 5-part Audible Original Podcast investigation into the seemingly innocuous race to breed the world’s hottest chilli and accusations of a stolen Australian world record. This soon unfurls into issues of drug addiction, fraud, internet trolling, childhood trauma and death threats.  

It’s a wild and unique piece of audio storytelling that propels you from the sunny Australian coastline to the red dust of New Mexico and onto the streets of London.

The Rose d’Or nominated series threads journalism, raw confessional storytelling and humour. IT BURNS investigates wrongdoing, legal grey areas and alleged injustice with international repercussions but it’s also a deeply human exploration of how people use pain to process the worst life can throw at them. 

A cheerful, Aussie version of Louis Theroux, [Marc] roams around the globe and digs deeper and deeper into a subculture that, while merely a tad eccentric on the surface, conceals some much murkier goings-on.
— The Times