2015’s Defining Moments In 7 Gut-wrenching Minutes.

Every year Madeleine Genner (my wife) and I make a montage for ABC Radio National (and indeed all of the ABC) of the year in news. It always provokes much argument in our house but we still do it. 


00:00 Charlie Hebdo and #JeSuisCharlie
00:43 “I’m a fixer” — Christopher Pyne
00:45 “Because it’s 2015″ — Justin Trudeau
00:48 #LibSpill 1
01:20 Bronwyn Bishop expenses scandal
01:30 Tony Abbott’s knighthood
01:36 Tony Abbott’s onion
01:43 Mt Everest earthquake disaster
01:55 Mina stampede
02:04 The Greek economic crisis
02:11 GermanWings Crash
02:18 Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao
02:24 The Trans-Pacific Partnership
02:27 FIFA corruption scandal
02:33 Donald Trump announces run for President
02:38 US mass shootings
02:44 Syrian civil war
02:56 Aylan Kurdi and the European refugee crisis
03:11 The war on ISIS
03:26 Parramatta shooting
03:37 Reclaim Australia
03:42 Waleed Aly’s ISIL monologue
03:46 #LibSpill & Malcolm Turnbull
04:30 Michelle Payne wins the Melbourne Cup
04:38 Mick Fanning vs. Shark
04:44 Australia accepts Syrian refugees
04:57 Water on Mars
05:05 New Horizons and Pluto
05:07 Aung San Suu Kyi wins Myanmar’s elections
05:12 Ireland votes ‘Yes’ on marriage equality
05:18 Paris climate talks
05:24 Stan Grant on the booing of Adam Goodes
05:38 Passing of Malcolm Fraser
05:55 The execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran
06:24 Paris terror attacks & Antoine Leiris

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Mary's Song
Beck - Dreams
Junkie XL - Brothers In Arms
WDL - Bob's Beat (feat. Mawe)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown
M83 - Outro

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