Bassem Youssef: The Jon Stewart of Egypt

"People were calling for my death while I was writing jokes" Meet Egypt's answer to Jon Stewart

Bassem Youssef interview - The Feed

Sharp-witted, dreamy eyes, badass, makes fun of host's tech geekery. What's not to like?Star of the B+ Bassem Youssef Show, aka 'Egypt's Jon Stewart' tells Marc Fennell (That Movie Guy) about making the show that got him exiled during the Arab Spring. #TheFeedSBS

Posted by SBS 2 on Monday, November 9, 2015

Bassem Youssef has long been called ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart”. The heart surgeon-turned-comedian has racked up millions of YouTube hits and his seditiously funny TV show Albernameg ridiculed politicians in a land where, well, they don’t often ridicule politicians.

He was drummed out of his show, declared a national security threat and now he lives in exile.


Marc Fennell sits down with Bassem to find out exactly how government pressure works in a nation like Egypt and whether comedy really does have the power to change minds and topple tyrants.