In 2009, Marc was one of 19 young Australian media-makers drawn from around the country to write, research, produce and present a new topical televison show for the ABC under Executive Producer Andrew Denton (Enough Rope, The Gruen Transfer, CNNNN) and Producer Andy Nehl (The Chaser's War on Everything). The result was Hungry Beast: a baffling mix of journalism, satire and pure strangeness.

As one of the presenters of the show, Marc wrote, researched and produced segments for the show. He conducted interviews, co-wrote sketches and made irreverent factual packages that explored the worlds of media, technology, marketing and pop culture.

Over the course of 3 groundbreaking series on ABC1, Hungry Beast covered media, marketing, crime, sexuality, pop culture, politics, technology and some things that simply refuse to be classified.

Hungry Beast completed its third commissioned season on ABC1 in May 2011