In 2004, Marc was selected from a nationwide search to join the cast of Australia's longest-running cinema programme The Movie Show on SBS Television. The show was anchored by Megan Spencer, Fenella Kernebone and Jaimie Leonarder. Marc hosted his own Cult DVD Segment (though the segment would eventually be referred to as "That Chubby, Happy Boy With The Curly Hair Talking About DVDs" in the show's many complaint letters).

For two years Marc researched, wrote and presented over 80 DVD segments for the national prime-time show. Marc covered an even more ludicriously large spectrum of film culture. For example Japanese Horror, Alien Invasion Cinema and the works of filmmakers like Akira Kurasawa, Jacques Tati, Almodovar and David Lynch. 

Marc also filed interviews and feature reports on Bollywood, Anime Fan Conventions, Special Effects and the Rise of Hollywood Remakes of Asian Cinema.

In the summer of 2005 Marc wrote and presented his very own primetime tv show The Movie Show: DVD Edition a 5-episode summer series with reviews, interviews and feature pieces on emerging DVD culture.